What can you earn?

On BeTeachr, when a person registers by going through your affiliate link in the last 365 days, they become your sponsored child. It becomes part of your network.

Thereafter, you will receive 20% commission on all purchases of this person. And if this person in turn sponsors, you will receive 2% on all purchases of their referrals, on 5 levels.

But that's not all! You can also earn commissions when you hire teachers. If people located in the 5 levels of your network sell courses, you will receive 2% for each sale of their courses.

Why become an affiliate on BeTeachr?

With BeTeachr, cookies last 365 days. In other words, if a person goes through your affiliate link and registers within 365 days, they will be automatically added to your network.

As we said above, when this person purchases a course, you will earn 20% on all their purchases for life. And 2% on all purchases by people located 5 levels below that person.

BeTeachr also rewards you for sponsoring teachers. You will receive 2% commission on all sales of teachers located in the 5 levels of your network. And this for life!

How it works?



The first step to becoming an affiliate is to register using the button below. You will be automatically added to the affiliate program.



Then go to your affiliate space to find courses to promote, and share them on your blogs and social networks via your affiliate links.



All you have to do is wait for people to pass through your affiliate links! You can view your commissions in your dashboard.

So what are you waiting for?

Joining the BeTeachr family will only take a few seconds!