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If you are on this page, it is most likely because you would like to lose weight.

Maybe you gained weight a few months, a few years ago, or maybe even when you were a kid. And since then, you've tried lots of different diets, but all of them were unsuccessful.

Every time you try a new diet it feels like you're starving yourself and yet you have very little or no results at all.

You think that is impossible, that you will never be able to feel good about your body.

And I understand you. I myself have been there.

When I moved for the first time in an apartment with my darling, I weighed 52 kg for 1m63.

And then things happened ... I took:

  • + 4 kg during my first 3 years in an apartment
  • + 9 kg during my first pregnancy (I had gained 15 and managed to lose 6 in the months following childbirth)
  • + 6 kg the year after
  • + 8 kg during my second pregnancy (I had gained 12 and lost 4 kg just after giving birth)

In total, in 9 years, I had gained 27 kg. I now weighed 79 kg for 1m63.

It was when Maël (my second son) entered kindergarten that I decided to do everything to lose weight.

Before that, when I talked about my extra pounds to those around me, I was often answered:

"It's not that bad, and it's normal to gain weight after two pregnancies!"

I wanted to believe them, yet deep down inside I didn't feel good about myself.

When I went outside I always felt like I was being looked at the wrong way… I felt really bad. Even hiding in loose clothing, I felt bad.

Sometimes Nathan, my older boy, would ask me to go to the pool on Wednesdays. I couldn't refuse him, but it was with a lump in my stomach that I was going. In the water I was uncomfortable and always had the impression that I was being looked at.

That's why as soon as Maël entered kindergarten, I went to see a nutritionist.

After several months of following his advice, I only lost 3 pounds. 3 kg in 10 months of effort, I was really disappointed ... Especially since then I didn't lose anything. Yet I was following all the advice she gave me.

The problem is, a lot of nutritionists don't try to adapt to your cravings and lifestyle. They give advice that dates back to the 1980s as research and science have evolved tremendously since then.

My nutritionist advised me to follow the Dukan diet:

In the morning, I had to eat chicken with cheese, when I was not hungry ...

During the day, I hardly ate fruits and vegetables, although they are full of vitamins ...

So I stopped seeing my nutritionist and decided to do it my way. I documented myself on the Internet through articles and videos. I also read a lot of books.

With all this research, I saw that there were dozens of different diets to lose fat (ketogenic, low-carb, paleo, high protein, Mediterranean, Scandinavian ...).

But for most of these diets 3 problems arise:

  1. Very often they are not suitable for what you like. You will feel like you are depriving yourself, therefore you will give up quickly.
  2. They require you to deprive yourself of nutrients necessary for the health and proper functioning of the body.
  3. They don't explain how to eat normally after the diet is over, so the yoyo effect is inevitable.

And then while doing my research, I realized one thing: There are five simple, scientifically proven rules for weight loss.

This is where I got the idea to create my own method. The one that allowed me to lose a little over 19 kilos in 7 months: At 33 I regained the weight of my 25 years old: 56.6 kg!

My method is simple. Among these 5 rules, which I have called "The Golden Rules", you must choose 3.

These 3 rules will be part of your new way of life.

By following these 3 rules, you can be sure to lose fat and reach your ideal weight goal.

The advantage is that everyone can choose the 3 rules they want:

  • ✅ You don't have to play sports
  • ✅ You don't have to deprive yourself on a daily basis

You will be more successful in keeping this program than a traditional diet, because you will have chosen the rules that suit you. And you can continue to eat everything.

How does it work if you join my method?

⚖️ Step 1: Calculate your ideal weight

In the first part we will calculate together your ideal weight and your daily energy needs.

🚀 Step 2: Start Your Weight Loss

In the second part, I will introduce you to the 5 golden rules. You can then choose 3 to start your weight loss.

If you need advice on choosing the right rules, you can ask me all your questions.

🍾 Step 3: Learn how to lose weight while still enjoying life

In the third part, we will see how to continue losing weight while dealing with everyday events: going to restaurants, fast food, being invited with family or friends ...

Thanks to my advice, you will see that it is possible to live normally while enjoying these good times.

🎯 Step 4: Stabilize your weight

In Part 4, I'll teach you how to stabilize your weight once you've reached your goal. Indeed, in many diets, the yo-yo effect is inevitable. We regain all of our lost pounds, or even more! With my method, I guide you so that this does not happen.

Are you interested in my method?

In this case, I invite you to click on the button at the top right to register.

Do not hesitate to consult my FAQ at the bottom of the page and to contact me with all your questions by clicking on the "Contact Caroline" button. I would be happy to answer you.

I sincerely hope that my method can help you. 🤗

See you soon,

🌸 Caroline

Caroline Delafosse

Hello, My name is Caroline and I am the mother of two adorable boys: Nathan and Maël. Over the years and my 2 pregnancies, I had gained 27 kg in 9 years. After consulting with a nutritionist for 1 year and losing only 3 kg, I decided to fend for myself to lose weight. And my efforts paid off! I was able to regain the weight of my 25 years in just 7 months. Through my program, I help you achieve your ideal figure, without depriving yourself!

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Burn fat easily and permanently - Everything for successful weight loss!



No, with this method you are not going to have to starve yourself to lose fat. I even recommend that you indulge yourself from time to time (in moderation of course) to stay motivated!

Yes of course, you can indulge yourself while being reasonable! In fact, in the chapter "What to do when ...", I give you advice on being able to go to restaurants or fast food, for example, from time to time. Indeed, when you start a weight loss process, it is important to be able to continue to have fun in order to stay motivated.

No, with this method you don't have to exercise. We will see together that it is possible to lose fat without doing sports.

By applying my method, you will start to lose fat in the first week.

By following the method, you can lose between 800 g and 1.5 kg per week. But every kilo lost will definitely be lost because I will teach you how to stabilize your weight once you reach your goal.

Yes, you can ask me all your questions in the comments area under each lesson.

By following my method, you can only lose weight, it's scientific. But imagining that you have followed the method to the letter and that despite everything you have no results, I invite you to contact me. I will try to figure out with you why it doesn’t work. And if you really still can't lose weight, I'll reimburse you.

Have you got any question?