What can you earn?

On BeTeachr, you publish courses which will be promoted by affiliates. It is thanks to these affiliates that you will be able to have more orders than on most other platforms.

As a teacher, you will receive 60% of your sales. And you can earn more commissions by recommending your own courses or the courses of other teachers through our affiliate program.

In addition, if you know other teachers, you can sponsor them and earn commissions on each of their sales of courses. To find out more about sponsorship, click here.

Why become a teacher on BeTeachr?

Unlike online tools where you have to pay a subscription every month, on BeTeachr you have nothing to pay. When you make a sale, you earn 60%. 20% is donated to affiliates thanks to whom the sale was made. And 10% is donated to sponsors.

Another advantage of BeTeachr is that you can create everything directly on the site (course content, sales page, sequence pages). You don't need technical skills to use BeTeachr.

Also, affiliates of the platform will promote your courses. And the more courses you have published, the more likely you are to make sales. You are not limited in number of courses, so take advantage!

How it works?



The first step to becoming a teacher on BeTeachr is to register using the button below. Registration takes only a few seconds.



Right after your registration, you can add your courses. You can publish as many courses as you want. They will be validated within a few hours.



Once your course has been validated, you can make sales. Be sure to answer your students' questions. Your commissions will be available 14 days after the sale.

So what are you waiting for?

Joining the BeTeachr family will only take a few seconds!